Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Scouting for Girls portray a forever bond lasting beyond the limits of humanity in joyous new single

Childhood friends Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard come together to form the notoriously talented band Scouting for Girls.

Selling over a million copies of the debut album since 2007, they have created a unique style of music that has been streamed over a billion times around the world; many would now consider the band to have become a staple of British music for people of all ages.

Before their tour later on this year, the pop rock band have recently released their new track ‘The Missing Part’ and it follows their upbeat, tuneful and exciting style wonderfully. 

It begins with a jaunty, toe-tapping rhythm from the instruments, introducing listers to their skilful sense of timing and collaboration between the different elements of their band. The lyrics soon come in with the phrase “there’s a hole in my heart/ and you’re the missing part” almost as if it were an echo or something not to be heard quite yet. Subsequently, it gives a sense of mystery to the song as we wonder how this conclusion was reached and the nature of the relationship with the person in question. Alongside this is a wholesome idea of completing a significant other simply by being yourself, a theme that the band have touched on before in a similarly uplifting and content sense.

As the main body of the song plays, we hear the same instrumental sound for a while, giving the track a foundational sound and allowing listeners a gateway into it. Before long, the choral lines “one two three, darling say you’ll marry me” are played with a simple beat behind it, spotlighting the words themselves in order to attract listeners to the idea of love and kindness within the relationship. Unlike many songs created in today’s world, there is no sense of disloyalty or unhappiness in this storyline, merely pure contentment and love. The record, therefore, carries with it a sense of uniqueness and brilliance, furthering their fans’ view of them as an incredibly talented band creating music perfect for people from all walks of life. 

Abby Price


Image: 'The Missing Part’ Offical Single Cover


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