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In conversation with StereoTyped

Introducing the five-piece Manchester band, StereoTyped. Self-described as Alt-Rock, their loud distinctive punk sound will make you want to get up and break S***. They are most compared to the sounds of Nirvana, Oasis, and Alice in Chains

They released their first album, 'Delusions Of The Strange' in 2022 featuring fan favourite songs 'Welcome To My Hell', 'Angel Tears', 'You', and 'Untitled' which you can expect to be on their setlist

Their most recent release of the single 'Adultery' this month with distinguishing guitar riffs and sinister lyrics doesn’t deserve to be slept on and can only spark excitement in the hopes of a new album in the near future. The band also recently made their way through to the grand final of the last band standing hosted at The Ferret, Preston on the 4th of August. Up against three other bands I have no doubt they won't win after they claimed first place in the 4th semi-final, we can only expect another victory.  Without further ado meet the up-and-coming northern band, StereoTyped….

Spencer: lead vocals/guitarist

Will: backing vocals/guitarist

Jacob: guitarist

Oliver: bass

Alex: drums

 Who are your biggest influences?


Their biggest influences are Descendants, My Chemical Romance, Silverchair, The Cult, Rage Against the Machine, and The Cure


When did you first become interested in music?


The band's lead singer, Spencer stated he’s always been interested in music since a very young age. His grandparents raised him on The Beatles, The Kinks, and 50s live songs. Similarly, Jacob was introduced to good music at the age of nine by his mother who loved 80’s alternative bands such as Joy Division. His love for music grew more with age and sparked his passion to pursue a career in the industry.  Although Oliver’s family isn’t quite the same. Their main interest is sports, more specifically football. He explained he can’t even walk straight never mind kick a ball so the only thing he’s ever been interested in or even half decent at is music.


How did you choose your band name?


The band chose their name from the popular Descendants song, 'Suburban Home', with the opening line "I want to be stereotyped". This felt fitting as they are one of their biggest influences.


What's the best / most memorable gig you've played?

The best gig they’ve ever played is Band on The Wall in Manchester. Due to the atmosphere of the rowdy crowd, the on-point lighting and the sound system being the best they’ve ever heard.  


When are you the most creative / inspired to make new music?


Spencer finds he is creative at the most random times. He can never sit down and think about writing a song. It happens in his day-to-day when he’s on the train or in the shower or in bed at 4 am.  


What's your favourite thing about being in a band? 


Spencer’s favourite thing about being in a band is the bond you build through music with your bandmates. He knows being in a band isn’t always easy but it’s also one of the best experiences he’s ever had. Whereas, Oliver loves the commute to gigs the most. The excitement in the air, everyone cramming into the back of a van anticipating the arrival to their destination and most of all being able to play.


What's the best song you've released and what was the meaning behind it?


In their opinion, 'Adultery' is their best release to date. Telling the story of a scandalous relationship between a man and his soon to be sister-in-law, plotting to kill their wife/sister so they can be together. The story is told from multiple points of view, from a birds eye narrator to the son of the wife as he watched his mum get murdered. It finishes with the son summoning his mum from the grave to take revenge on his father.  


Do you have a second album in the works / any upcoming gigs?


Excitingly the band in fact has a second album fully written which they are about to start recording in the next month. They also have a Battle of the Bands gig coming up at The Ferret in Preston on the 8th of August which you won't want to miss. 


What does the future of StereoTyped look like?


The bands aspiration for the future of StereoTyped is to develop their sound more and more. They believe their second album to be very different from the first. In terms of musicality, it’s a very punk album but also a lot more melodic and they would love to explore that even more as a band in the future. 


If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?


Spencer would love to make music with My Chemical Romance. More specifically a remake of their Under Pressure cover with the Used would be a dream come true for him. Whereas, for Jacob it would have to be with the lead singer/songwriter Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, one of his personal favourite bands.   

E Williams


Images: E Williams

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