Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Jamie Webster combines raw truth with passion and optimism in new single, eager to encourage togetherness in society

Singer-songwriter Jamie Webster debuted in 2020 and has been building an incredible platform and fanbase for almost three years now.

Beginning his career by singing cover versions of popular songs in pubs within his local area, the star has come such a long way in these three years, even forming a close relationship with the culture of Liverpool Football Club and its fans.

He has recently released his new single ‘Voice of the Voiceless’, a track providing a space for fans to receive a personal understanding of the difficulties that come with everyday life in such a competitive, biased society. Its message of togetherness and community rings throughout the course of the entire song, whilst allowing for a melodic undertone of optimism to glint through the cracks of reality.

The song itself is beautifully constructed, from the somewhat peaceful opening guitar chords to the heartwarming lyrics of belief in the youth of today. The fast tempo exists from the very beginning, allowing for this sense of urgency needed in providing a safe space for young people especially to believe in themselves, and receive support to speak out and lead our future to be created. Maintaining this tempo as the song blends from verse to chorus, Webster uses the lyrics “Can you hear the voice of the voiceless” to remind people of the powerful countenance we all have from one another to not feel alone. This lyric stands its own ground within the record; it encapsulates all Webster desires to say about the possibility we have to make a positive change within the boundaries of society when we listen to everyone and neglect the idea of leaving people in the darkness as a result of their personal situations. 

Webster sings and plays with such raw and intense passion in this single. His vocals are the epitome of what it means to play for the people, to create something from the very depths of your heart and give it to those who find comfort in it. His final lyric “We can be the voice of the voiceless” stirs such great emotion in his listeners; community can only exist with this sense of togetherness, and without community, society falls. The music comes to a halt before this line is finished, implying the importance of not masking our duty with outside distractions but focusing on the real message. 

The singer had produced an unfathomably breathtaking track, from the passion with which he vocalises to the discreet meanings behind his choices. Without a doubt, it shall provide a void which we must fill with love, acceptance and belief in each other. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ Offical Single Cover

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