Sunday, July 16, 2023

Paper Kites bring the thunder ahead of latest album

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, folk-rock five-piece The Paper Kites’ latest single is a smooth, rocky cut, lasting just over five minutes in total.

Black & Thunder’  is the fourth song released in the run-up to their latest album ‘At The Roadhouse’, slated to hit shelves on September 1st

The mix is technically polished and well-balanced, with all instruments given their own lanes and allowed to shine. If the keys are the beating heart of this song, then the wailing guitar is its tortured soul. 

Fuzzy and effortlessly smooth, the keys provide the basic chords and the foundations, whilst the stunning guitar is given free reign, spouting off in tight crunchy reverb-filled pockets that make hairs stand up on end. 

The emotive guitar solo towards the end of the track is well worth a listen on its own. The vocals are soft and steady, with subtle harmonies bringing another dimension into the mix. The percussion on the track consists of a real night and day mix, pairing a punchy kit with bongos and bells, creating a steady yet creative beat, which is heard throughout the single.

This latest single is a slight change in direction in comparison to the previous 3 album ‘teaser’ tracks released and showcases The Paper Kites’ range and creativity.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘At The Roadhouse' Official Album Cover

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