Saturday, July 15, 2023

Bleach Lab echo the sentiment of a generation in new single

Bleach Lab continue carrying the indie-pop baton in ‘Smile For Me’ – a gorgeously gut-wrenching single that tackles a difficult issue with ease. 

The four piece have consistently positioned themselves as one of the best bands around, with their smooth signature sound.

Though superb musically, the lyrics in ‘Smile For Me’ are what stands this tune from Bleach Lab’s back catalogue. 


Singer Jen dresses down male toxicity throughout the tune, detailing what a woman deals with daily. Even the song’s title is so often uttered from the dregs of society, as Jen laments “It's as if you think that I owe you anything.” 


‘Smile For Me’ is already the anthem of a generation, without them even knowing: “Keep your hands to yourself, I know it must be hard to think, We don't owe you anything.” Bleach Lab haven’t just kicked a toxic trait to the floor, they’ve echoed a sentiment felt by too many people across the world. They’ve truly hit back at those responsible. 


As Bleach Lab continue to tease their ever-developing song writing and newfound Florence And The Machine-esque choruses, the release of their debut album ‘Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness’ and UK tour cannot come soon enough. 


Charley Passmore


Image: ‘Smile For Me’ Official Single Cover

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