Monday, July 17, 2023

Deep Sea Peach Tree Introduce Their Wavy Single ‘Glockcoma’

The single from Deep Sea Peach Tree brings a luscious haze to the project’s discography. Made up of a relaxed tempo and saturated in reverb, ‘Glockcoma’ is a perfect shoegaze-meets-electronica track. 

The project, currently comprising of Andrew Dell Isola (bass), Neel Madala (guitar), and Trevor Schlam (drums) are a New York based collective. However they’ve also toured throughout the United States, and have also gained themselves an impressive following on Spotify, reaching nearly 30,000 monthly listeners.

The collective takes inspiration from old jazz standards, and this is immediately evident from the woozy piano introduction. Differentiating from the traditional major or minor chords, the band uses what sounds like 7th chords or dissonance, which is just another element which helps the song shine. Additionally, the relaxed guitar solo and vocal harmonies showcase the skills of Neel Madala and Kristof Denis independently.

The collective describe their music as “sleepy surf rock”, made for late-night listening on the beach. When put in this perspective, it becomes obvious that this is the most perfect way to describe their unique sound. ‘Glockcoma’ specifically encapsulates this, almost sounding as if it was recorded underwater. It definitely fits a certain atmosphere that’s found in life’s slower, more poignant moments - perhaps it’s not meant for the excitement of a sun-soaked beach day, but it is meant to soundtrack the calmer moments  of sunset and nightfall. 

The repetitive melodies make up most of the track, scattered through the guitar, vocals and bass. This makes for perfect easy listening, though it’s obvious there’s a wealth of technical production skills being utilised within the track. Therefore ensuring each instrument has room to breath, whilst allowing them piece perfectly together to create this late night beach picture. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘Glockcoma’ Official Single Cover

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