Friday, July 21, 2023

Martyn Scott releases exquisite single 'I Really Do'

Martyn Scott, a Rotherham-based, indie singer-songwriter has just released his latest electric new single, ‘I Really Do’. Scott is known for his craft and raw talent in singing, songwriting, composing, and producing. 

The song has a gradual progression from a soothing, melodic soundscape with instrumentation to a more intense feeling soundscape, through the various interplay of instruments adding layers of momentum and energy. The zesty rhythmic guitar sequences throughout are dynamic and complex, in addition to the complimenting basslines and impressive vocals from Scott.

The new track’s composition and production have all been done by Scott, and this adds an element of awe as you get to appreciate the track on a deeper level. A song to have on repeat with its beautiful chord transition, balanced rhythm and overall configuration makes the production of the song clear, concise, and polished, developing the sound further and results in a wonderfully mesmerising melody.

Various influences of 60’s pop, jazz guitar, and classical composers are apparent throughout the track. It is an eclectic combination of personal lyrics such as “I’d say that I’m the most terrific liar that you ever saw, if you want to know then I will tell you more…”, refined guitar work, and powerful chords. Being a self-taught artist, Scott really does prove his potential with this track. Emotionally rhythmical and relentlessly infectious, ‘I Really Do’ is a spirited indie-rock track that serves as a preview for what's to come.

Ciara Fearn


Image: 'I Really Do' Official Single Cover 

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