Thursday, June 29, 2023

Vistas share the perfect summer single ‘I Know I Know’

Vistas have released their brand new latest single ‘I Know I Know’ ahead of their new album, due in September. 

The track conveys electric American pop energy with its catchy hooks and summery, upbeat feel. Just in time for the festival season. 

Although upbeat and happy, the song's lyricism carries questions of existentialism around the theme of what is the meaning of our time on earth? However, many of their songs are left open to interpretation. 

The theme behind the new album was brought about when frontman Prentice Robertson’s family member fell ill. This ultimately led to many questions about the fragility of life and what the meaning really is, encapsulated by the album's title ‘Is This All We Are?’.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful as they look at why people make things last longer than they need to, held in limbo to make a period of time last forever. "The end is coming / We're good for nothing" - these lyrics echo a sense of melancholy and how moments can be bittersweet.

This will be the Scottish trio’s third album titled ‘Is This All We Are?', set to be released on the 15th of September following 2021’s ‘What Were You Hoping To Find’ and their recent EP ‘The Beautiful Nothing’.

Ciara Fearn

Image:  'I Know I Know' Official Single Cover

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