Thursday, June 29, 2023

Ottawa natives Wotts drop dreamy single ahead of EP drop

Ottawa Indie-pop duo Wotts fuse slow, hazy vocals with a twinkly, upbeat instrumental for their latest release ‘Garden’. 

Having started to release music only two years ago back in 2021 (their debut being the bedroom-pop infused 'Before'), Wotts is comprised of musicians Jayem (vocalist / multi-instrumentalist) and Ricky 100 (bassist / guitarist), who have been impressive and standout on the music scene from the start.  

Their latest cut ‘Garden’ follows on from their previous two releases ‘Blue’ and ‘Wheel’ with both having a similar airy, beach rock vibe that make for a wholly immersive soundscape. 

This new release has an overtly nostalgic feel, even on the first listen, with retro tones introduced throughout the mix. With a slightly short run time of two minutes and 30 seconds, ‘Garden’ is captivating nevertheless, with the staccato plucky strings grabbing the listener’s attention from the get go. 

Talking on the track, the band note: "The song's a metaphor about escaping into your own world. For us, that 'world' is a place to create, heal and grow".

The drums are punchy and present, and pair beautifully with the funky bass lines. The keys and synths , that are heard throughout the whole track, are airy and light and really help add yet another dimension to the cut. 

All three tracks will be on their upcoming EP also entitled ‘Garden’, which is due to be released on July 29th.

 Dan Jones

Image: ‘Garden' Official Single Cover

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