Friday, June 30, 2023

Dominic Fike releases quirky new single ‘Mama’s Boy’

Mama’s Boy’ is the third single from Dominic Fike’s album ‘Sunburn’, arriving next month. 

The alternative artist has released a catchy new tune that demonstrates his eclecticism and memorable guitar sounds.

The song conveys a child-like need to leave home, to do your own thing and seek independence. Fike also demonstrates through his lyrics “Where did my parents go? (Oh oh) I’m not in Italy / They like vacation homes much more than they love me”

Fike struggles to make it back home as distractions get in the way and it leaves an immersive atmosphere in the song of disassociation between the individual and their estranged family. 

It leaves a sense of disassociation between the individual and their family alone watching. Fike has taken a compelling direction and one that has left us excited to see the single in context of the new album. 

Mama’s Boy’ is a complicated, thought-provoking single that carries themes of a difficult upbringing and struggle for connection. It is giving us a look at his upbringing with a nod back to the past and we can all appreciate his version of honesty and the kind of vulnerability he is tapping into. 

One of the most unique parts of the single is the outro, where ‘Mama’s Boy’ is spelled out. It is uplifting and fun yet quirky and unusual. 

No one can shy away from the gritty, distorted sounds of Fike’s lyrics and music, this new single raises a multitude of questions from his relationship with his mum to his concept of home. With its unique mix of unconventional sounds and impressive instrumentation he transports us back to childhood days, “Maxa-Maximillan, what you waitin’ up for? / Please come out and play with us more.” The child-like laughter throughout emphasises the call back to childhood, in the chorus he asserts “I wish I was a toy (hahaha)”.

The single proves to be nothing short of intriguing as Fike embraces an electric sound that conveys an intimate soundscape, drawing listeners into a realm of youthful innocence, yearning for rebellion and independence. There is an element of carefree happiness underlying this new single, which leaves us eagerly anticipating the upcoming album.

‘Mama’s Boy’ has been released after previous singles ‘Dancing In The Courthouse’ and ‘Ant Pile’. His album is set to be an immersive, interesting and refreshing new record to be paid close attention to. 

Ciara Fearn

Image: 'Mama's Boy’ Official Spotify Single Cover 

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