Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Drums Deliver Their Latest Single ‘Obvious’

The American indie-rock band The Drums have made themselves well-known to the world since their debut album ‘The Drums’ was released back in 2009. 

Their bubbly new single ‘Obvious’ is a strong sign that they aren’t finished with making music yet as they have already released four singles since the start of this year. 

This track arrives off the back of what has been a five-year hiatus for frontman Jonathan Pierce.


The song commences with Pierce singing the first line of the song “How obvious, how obvious” before the drums and guitars kick in to take the song toward the first verse. The upbeat tempo lifts the spirit and mood of the music, and it remains this way until the song concludes. The chorus is the most joyful part of the record as Pierce sings “Cause everything me wants to hold you / And I realize it’s obvious that I need you”. This is ultimately a feel-good love song packed with raw emotion where one begins to recognise the love and support surrounding them.  

The tempo and dynamic range remain unchanged throughout the track, maintaining an energy that is hard to discover and distinguish away from the world of indie rock music. Their raw energy appears to have been retained by the group since their rise onto what was a thriving and flourishing indie rock scene in the first decade of the twenty-first century.   

The band is set to embark on another summer tour of the US and Canada, which is set to begin on July 12th in San Diego and conclude in San Francisco on August 18th so check them out if you happen to be in town.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: Qiao Deng


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