Friday, June 16, 2023

Daisy Harris’ ‘Your Girlfriend’ is the queer girl indie pop rival of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’

Performing since she was 14 years old and hailing from the beautiful west coast of Scotland, having already found success in Glasgow's live scene and continuing on to find success in Manchester.

Daisy Harris releases ‘Your Girlfriend’ as her first step out of her usual genre and into an early 2000s girl power pop punk meets indie.

With the success of her first EP ‘Forest Girl Rock’ and her impressive self-reliance when creating music and her passion for storytelling through her medium, Harris is sure to keep rising through the indie scene. 

With her usual sound comparable to the flowy, light, feels-like-Autumn vibe of acts like Girl in Red and Mazzy Star with 90s influences, this new single feels as if she is now moving into Summer taking influence from the Y2K era and girl pop acts she grew up with “If you were a H2O / Twilight / Pretty Little Liars girly this one is for you”.

The guitar has a tiny grunge twinge to it reminiscent of Female pop punk acts and with the track featuring less airy but still bright vocals and a catchy upbeat pop melody ‘Your Girlfriend’ is sure to be a hit. Harris self describes the track as “Definitely a song of the summer for queer girls!” .

The track which boasts about stealing a friend away from their (apparently terrible) love interest would be right at home during the dramatic low point for any protagonist in an early 2000s movie watching their crush with someone else. Combining girl power, contemporary folk and 90s pop rock Harris has solidified her own genre of indie pop. 

Anna Jackson

Image: ‘Your Girlfriend’ official single cover


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