Sunday, June 18, 2023

Danny Henry Drops an Anthemic Live Single

The Californian singer-songwriter Danny Henry recently unveiled his latest work with a new single called ‘Danny’s Bar’ featuring Syd StrawThis song was inspired by Henry’s open mic nights at a bar in West Haven, Connecticut.  

The track commences with what sounds like Danny heading into the bar and walking onto the stage - the creaking door, clanging glasses, and distanced chatter all set the scene for a live recording, allowing listeners to feel like they are directly attending the live performance. A fan suggests Danny plays ‘The Swoop’ before saying he has a new song, which he immediately starts performing on the piano.  

“My workday has ended, and I feel so splendid / Oh, where do I go?” is the opening line of the song and the beginning of an upbeat, feel-good tune that defines a typical night out watching live music with friends. The dynamics fluctuate subtly as 'Danny's Bar' develops and add much more charisma to the piece overall. 

The chorus is the busiest section of the song with hard-hitting drums, guitar licks, and an infectious harmony that takes the listener back to a bygone rock ‘n’ roll era. “I love you, but Jesus loves you best / I bid you good night, good night, good night” is cheerfully sung by the locals once the record concludes.  

This song is ultimately a six-minute anthem that captivates a diverse global audience from the moment they start playing until the very last note. Syd Straw’s charisma and vocals give the song an extra boost and typify a cheerful tune that listeners will sing from start to finish for years to come.  

Antony Bailey


  Image: 'Danny's Bar' Official Single Cover

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