Friday, June 09, 2023

Hazey Grace Release the Moving and Atmospheric Single ‘Daydream’

From the debut EP of the same name,  Hazey Grace has released the single ‘Daydream’, an acoustic rendition that showcases raw emotion and true craftsmanship. 

Hazey Grace is a solo singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Chicago, Illinois. Their titular track ‘Daydream’ is simple in composition and style, opening with a singular lead acoustic guitar that becomes the sole musical focal point in the song. 

Opening with a slow, easing guitar hooks the listener in and gives them a sense of calmness. This is then joined by a booming yet slow drumbeat that both mirrors the slow guitar perfectly but juxtaposes creating a mix of soft and heavier sounds making way for a beautifully confused and atmospheric sound.

Hazey Grace’s vocals steal the show and alongside the hooks and melodies, the performance and lyrics create a strong narrative landscape that oozes with emotion. This is shown in the lyrics “Please don’t go and shake me, I just wanna stay asleep.” The slight pause adds to the emotion, and the overall tempo, acts as a moment of reflection and vulnerability perfectly showcasing the attention to detail put into the track. 

Hazey Grace wears his heart on his sleeve, easing and hooking listeners in with a catchy melody, gorgeous vocals and a refreshing sound. Filled with originality and talent ‘Daydream’ is a must-listen for those who are in the woes of heartbreak or for those wanting a relaxing but thoughtful listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Daydream’ Official EP Cover

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