Friday, June 09, 2023

Hungry Release Indie Mixed with Britpop Anthem ‘The Jig’

Manchester-based four-piece band Hungry have released their latest single ‘The Jig’,  accompanied by a handheld, home-video-styled music video.

Formed back in 2018, Hungry have been creating and playing a mix of genre since they started releasing music back in 2022, specifically indie pop and rock. But have since shown significant progress as a band with the release of the latest single ‘The Jig’. 

‘The Jig’ opens with a slightly distorted and higher-pitched guitar, strumming in repetition and creating a fast tempo that mimics a Britpop style. This is then juxtaposed by a slightly slower, lower-tune guitar from Kit Thomas that adds complex layers to the song. The two contrasting sounds create an echoing effect, blurring the lines between melodic Brit-pop and developing into a melancholic, bluesy edge.

The track is about breaking the illusion of another person, ‘The Jig’ being over and no longer being fooled by them as shown in the lyrics “The jig is up, but like you ever really gave a fuck”. Jacob Peck’s deep vocals paired with rolling, hard-hitting drums performed by Stan Ratkin build up and create a subtle hint of anger fuelling the overall emotions of the song but Jas Malig’s funk bassline breaks this tension, softening the edges of the song giving it texture.

Hungry has created a simple yet complicated track that dips in and out of different genres. The elements of Brit-pop is reminiscent of the 90s and its fast tempo gives an uplifting feeling but is soon contradicted by the song’s darker elements. Merging two different styles seamlessly highlights Hungry’s attention to detail and is the perfect insight into what will come next.

Ana Joy King


Image: 'The Jig' Official Single Cover


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