Saturday, June 10, 2023

Lazywall demand to be heard with statement track ‘Ghadin Nod’

The Moroccan three-piece are back on the scene with their latest release ‘Ghadin Nod’

Lazywall have been part of the music scene since 2003, but with their new single taking on a refined, dynamic sound, it’s obvious they’re refusing to be overlooked.

Cleverly fusing Arabic time signatures with alt-rock, they’ve created music unlike anything else. It’s almost as if they’ve found their own subgenre, combining metal-rock instrumentation with an ‘oriental touch’ in their own words - ‘Ghadin Nod’ is a further testament to their musical creativity.

The muddy opening guitar riff immediately grabs the listener’s attention and carries the verses through to an explosive, frenzied chorus, which is completely unforgettable. To match this growly guitar are the deep, cutting vocals and, when paired with a bombshell of screamo takes in the background, creates an intense and powerful arrangement. 

Ghadin Nod’ ends with rhythmic variation from the drums which further enlivens the track for its final few moments, and this breakdown only makes it all the more interesting to relisten to. 

Lazywall are high in demand, having already played a handful of shows this year, spanning hometown shows in Morrocoo, France, and the UK’s own ‘The Great Escape’ festival in Brighton. It’s no surprise they can bring that contagious energy to a live audience, and will hopefully have some more tricks up their sleeve to deliver more of this throughout the year.

Rachel Feehan 

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ’Ghadin Nod’ Official Single Cover

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