Friday, May 19, 2023

Tom Craven Delicately Crafts a Captivating EP

Tom Craven is a rising British artist who has been firmly established on the indie music scene in Watford and Milton Keynes for quite some time.   

He has successfully managed to blend a combination of genres to produce his unique twelve-track EP that has already been well-received by fans worldwide.  

The first song to appear on the newly released record is ‘Let It Fall (My December)'. The song commences with the guitars and drums in unison. “It was the 91st day of my first December when they laid my body down’’ is an opening line that could be interpreted as feeling lonely and depressed at what can be a difficult time of year for many. The song is a crescendo-building song that follows a traditional song structure and for many, it will be an uplifting and empowering track.  

‘Hidden City’ is the next track to appear on the EP. The electric guitar and drums begin to give the song an immediate dynamic lift. “Make it by design / We’re lost in our thoughts’’ points toward how we come oblivious to the world around us and that no single individual is perfect and flawless.  

‘New Signals’ is a five-minute song that is slightly more stripped back dynamically and instrumentally compared to the opening song ‘Let It Fall’. Moreover, the song follows a 6/8-time signature and a reduced tempo, which helps to add more emotional tension to the music. The chorus contains a lot of emotion that can be felt throughout. Lyrics such as ‘’Writing this song one for one / Sat at this table for two’’ suggests heartbreak has occurred somewhere along the way. 

‘Second-hand Smoke’ sees an injection of pace into the tempo along with an increase in dynamics to add more of a traditional rock feel to the music. ‘’We only faltered from the stars’’ is the refrain in this song and the beauty of it is that it is open to interpretation amongst listeners. ‘A Change In The Papers’ takes a stripped-back approach as well as a return to a 6/8 meter to change the mood of the music.  

‘Catalyst’ is an emotional rollercoaster that underlines the highs and lows of falling in love. ‘’Show me a girl who’s got a good heart / Who can begin my days with a smile at the start’’ is the first and last line Craven sings. The song can leave the listener feeling emotionally deflated while simultaneously having the power to leave one empowered and uplifted at the same time.  

Despite the title, ’Sleep’ is actually quite fast in its tempo and much more uplifting compared to previous tracks on the record in the sense that it can leave its audience feeling more empowered. Other tracks on the album including ‘The Game Inside’ and ‘Dreams of Sixsmith’ follow a similar song structure and are guaranteed to tug on the listeners’ heartstrings from start to finish.  

The final track ‘Little Steps’ includes lyrics “That was the night that I knew I was going to be alright / We spent the evening holding hands and shared our time’’ which are repeated throughout, and they ultimately summarise what the EP is about - love, laughter, persistence, empowerment, and strength. 

Antony Bailey


 Image: Official 'Make Yourself Known' EP Cover

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