Saturday, May 20, 2023

Matthew Hall sparks heartache thoughts in newest single ‘Oslo’.

Matthew Hall started his music career in 2022 with his wholesome cover of ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros which sparked victory for him particularly through the thriving TikTok audience. This led him on to create his own success with ‘Inconvenient’ and ‘Only October’. 

Hall released a video that soon went viral depicting the struggles of long-distance relationships set to the tune of his debut single ‘Inconvenient’.

 Later, reacting to this, he went on to tell his fans about his upcoming project, “The song in the background of that video ‘inconvenient’ was written about the inconvenience of love and more specifically about a long distance relationship, I wrote this one about the insecurities of a long distance relationship, it’s called Oslo.”

After this initial teasing, fans went crazy for the release of this love song. It sparked emotions that felt deeply personal to listeners. The lyrics are incredibly sentimental and are clearly very intimate, discussing the difficulties of a long distance relationship and the frustrating feelings of guilt surrounding wanting your partner to be happy but also wanting them around, “Is it selfish of me to say I need you here / And wait for you to say you’ll come back to me.”

With his debut EP, ‘The Inconvenient EP’ coming in June, fans are desperate for some live shows. Performing solo in Glasgow and all around London, tickets are still available to catch Matthew Hall appear in his hometown alongside artists such as Vistas and Ber.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘Oslo’ Official Single Cover

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