Tuesday, May 16, 2023


The pop-punk community suffered a major blow with the recent announcement of Sum 41 disbanding. However, Busted keeps an upward and positive trajectory for the genre, celebrating their 20th anniversary with reworked tracks and exciting collaborations with icons such as Simple Plan with ‘Loser Kid 2.0’. The latest ‘Meet You There 2.0’ release features Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow. 

Busted are a staple of the early 2000's British pop-punk scene, consisting of all three original members Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson.  Though they may not look like they stepped straight out of 2003 with baggy shorts from Dickies and frosted tips, Busted still hold a special place with fans as their upcoming tour has now officially sold-out. 

Originally from the 2003 album ‘A Present For Everyone,’ ‘Meet You There’ was an acoustic ballad with intricate guitar playing that perfectly complements the soft vocals that made the track a gentle plea to a nameless individual. 

Whereas ‘Meet You There 2.0’  opens with an explosion of heavy drums that dominates the whole track alongside lively guitars that blend together elements ‘Crashed The Wedding’ and Neck Deep’s ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You Era’ to create a brand new concoction of pop punk that will appeal to brand new audiences as well as old. 

Ben Barlow’s distinct vocal range is the perfect fit for this rendition, bringing a flare and energy that is seen within Neck Deep. The slight American twang to his vocals perfectly complements the British singing from the rest of Busted. 

The lyrics remain the same, though sung in a different tempo. ‘Meet You There 2.0’ lacks the delicacy of the original but there is still a level of vulnerability to it. The lively nature of the song feels demanding, but the lyrics feel as though they roll off the tongue mindlessly, asking repetitive questions in hopes of finding a solution as shown in the lyrics “Tell me now where do we go? / Where's the world that doesn't care?” 

‘Meet You There 2.0’ takes a classic Busted ballad and gives it a makeup over fans didn’t know they needed. A perfectly blend the ‘A Present For Everyone’ era and the more mature and modern stylings of Busted there is now doubt that this will be a favourite track at live shows and though it is a reworked track from 20 years ago, it feels refreshed and brand new. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Meet You There 2.0’ Official Single Cover

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