Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sylvan Weekends Release Stunning Debut EP ‘Outliers’

Sylvan Weekends are an alt-folk-pop trip from London. Formed back in 2022, the project brings together Mathew (Keston Cobblers Club), Freya (Freya Lily, Freya Ward), and Daniel (Stables).

Though they have not been together very long, their combined experience and talent as musicians perfectly intertwine and lead to a highly dynamic, sparkly with a wild-at-heart edge. 

‘Outliers’ begins with the intoxicating track ‘Every Day’. Opening with a twinkling synth and an acoustic guitar, these elements from the get-go combine folk and electronic making for the perfect concoction. ‘Every Day’ captures the story of missing someone day-to-day and pushing through those emotions as shown within the lyrics “I want to message you to see if you are lonely…would you hold me?” Mathew and Freya have differing tones and ranges that complement each other perfectly. The combination of delicate, feminine vocals mixed with a deeper, masculine one intertwines and is filled with passion and oozes with emotion making way for an enthralling and insightful listen. 

The second track ‘Symmetry’ is about the struggles of maintaining balance in life and is a classic folk slows the mood of the EP. Opening with a simple, slow acoustic guitar picking up in tempo throughout and paired alongside the vocals of all three members. This makes way for a soundscape that plays on the heartstrings with a dream-like feeling. A drumbeat is added within the chorus and is perfectly timed alongside the rhetorical lyrics “When you gone stop? Stop” and gives a dramatic emphasis. ‘Symmetry’ is stripped back and simple, delicate and relaxing and flows perfectly into the next track ‘Young and Freewheeling.’ 

The title track ‘Outliers’ is about the idea of escapism and daring to be different and is filled with contradictions that complement each other. Opening with a vintage radio voice-over this juxtaposes the electronic soundscapes and synths that give the track a more modern twist. 

‘Outliers’ is a short but sweet EP that captures different elements of folk, crossing into other genres such as indie and pop. Simple but elegant Sylvan Weekends prove they are the ones to watch out for showcasing their impeccable talent through soundscapes and delicate vocals. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Outliers’ Official Single Cover

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