Saturday, May 06, 2023

CMAT conveniently picks up where she left off with heart wrenching single

Just over a year since her smash album ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’, Dublin’s premier crooner CMAT is back with a bang in piano-driven lament ‘Whatever’s Inconvenient’.

Although a change of pace from her earlier tunes, ‘Whatever’s Inconvenient’ is dressed head-to-toe in CMAT’s unmistakable Irish charm and country roots. In a parallel universe, it’d be right at home in Katy J Pearson’s eclectic repertoire.

After another year perfecting her craft, CMAT’s lyrics hit harder than ever. Singer Ciara perfectly encapsulates the modern representation of romance, with lines like “’Cause I message you all the time / If you’re bored, you might reply” capturing a snapshot of a generation left hopeless for someone uninterested. As the song progresses, Ciara’s desperation grows alongside the vicious piano and building drums. 

The song leads to an emotional outpouring with “I’d love you to think I didn’t feel a thing”, surrounded by the repetitive groan “Fall in love / And out of love again”. Throughout the outro, the vocals perch against a backdrop of strings and bassline that The Last Shadow Puppets would be proud of.  

As festival season approaches, ‘Whatever’s Inconvenient’ demonstrates that CMAT is set to take eardrums by storm. Don’t be surprised to see her get very popular, very quickly. 


Charley Passmore 


Image: ‘Whatever’s Inconvenient’ Official Single Cover

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