Sunday, May 07, 2023

Kali Uchis gets up close and personal in intimate new track ‘Moonlight’

TikTok’s latest craze, and rightly so, is Kali Uchis’ track ‘Moonlight’, taken from her new album ‘Red Moon In Venus’. The album is a love letter to love itself and ‘Moonlight’ is a sultry note amidst the romance.

In true Kali Uchis style, the track is slow-moving and seductive, with Uchis effortlessly gliding in and out of Spanish vocals. Harmonies are layered over heavy drums and lead guitar to create a classic R&B feel for these vocals to smoothly percolate through. 

The lyrics seem to foreground a yearning to spend time alone with her lover, “I know a place we can escape, find out how it feels to let go of everything / Be free when you’re here with me”. But throughout the track, she pines for the simplicity of smoking, and riding through the moonlight, with her lover. She sings, “I just wanna get high with my lover / I just wanna ride, get high in the moonlight” and repeats this throughout. Bringing the feeling of being high and in love in conjunction with one another gives the track an intimacy, and allures listeners to feel as equally intoxicated by love as Uchis is. She almost alludes to the falsified freedom of being high, as though she is using intoxication as a metaphor for the freedom love brings itself.

‘Moonlight’ also comes ready-made with its very own glamorous music video. As the Spanish lyrics Veo una muñeca cuando miro en el espejo or, “I see a doll when I look in the mirror”, denote, Uchis is a doll in her own prettified dolls house, alongside other celebrity “dolls” like Cindy Kimberly. The video is equally as enticing as the track and invites the listener to join Uchis and her girl gang on an evening in the moonlight.

As the penultimate track on the album, ‘Moonlight’ is the lullaby of the album and Uchis almost sings her listener into slumber. It’s a gorgeous tribute to love and lust, as well as an appreciation of delighting in the simple things with the person you love. You can enjoy ‘Moonlight’, and ‘Red Moon in Venus’ now.

Maddie Bridger
Image: 'Red Moon in Venus' Official Album Cover

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