Friday, May 05, 2023

Confidence Man are on repeat with their new single On & On (Again) with Daniel Avery

Confidence Man return with another snazzy bop to fill your ears with pure rave heaven. This is the first glimpse of new music from Confidence Man since their ground-breaking sophomore album ‘Tilt’ was released last year, and they’ve made a triumphant comeback to combine their iconic sound with electronic giant Daniel Avery

This impeccable mixture of musicians creates an explosion of techno/rave spectacularism.  

The song opens with a head-bopping synth which transports you to a psychedelic club atmosphere immediately. You’re soon introduced to the gorgeous notes of Janet Planet which are poignant and crystal clear throughout the whole trackThe instruments in the back slowly build to form this wistful and dramatic single. The juxtaposing, soothing sounds monument to a dramatic drop just before the chorus where you can imagine Janet Planet and Sugar Bones performing their mind-blowing moves.  

Just when you think the track has peaked, the production of the record improves even more and provides the listener with a trippy experience of sounds coming from all directions, transforming you into making you think you’re at a rave at 4am on a Saturday night. The high-pitched noises that occur throughout the track give the song a summery feel which you know will absolutely blow up when they perform this live during festival season.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s just Confidence Man! And this time the beautiful and masterful producing from Avery makes the track even more sensational. 


Alice Mason

@alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: 'On & On (Again)' Official Single Cover

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