Sunday, May 14, 2023

With Four Swaggering Songs, Krooked Tongue Release Their New EP ‘Deathproof’

For a sophomore EP ‘Deathproof’ shows Krooked Tongue is a band with nothing but potential. Mike and bass in hand, Oli Rainsford kicks off the EP alongside rippling synths on ‘Backseat Therapy’. Harry Pritchard does not take a backseat as he solidifies this rock anthem with tight grooves. 

With all the swagger of a band named after a clothing brand, Krooked Tongue’s lead single ‘Velociraptor’, released earlier this year, could be heard from the likes of Highly Suspect or Death From Above.

Backed by riffs that claw through the air from lead guitarist Dan Smith, Rainsford dares listeners to walk on the wild side with lyrics like “Shed your skin and follow me/Be what you be/See what you see”.

The Bristol-based trio released their debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ last year and the next track ‘Lupines’ followed soon after. The track begins ominously with subdued, growling riffs. Bluesy vocals from Rainsford feels like the calm before the storm. While psychedelic reverb snakes between Pritchard’s authoritative drums, together the band lose control in a thunderous chorus. Each crescendo bleeds into the same eerie softness which creates a sobering rise and fall. 

And to round out the EP, the title track ‘Deathproof’ displays Rainsford’s ability to maintain calm, melodic vocals against the wall of sound created by Smith as he thrashes the strings throughout. With grand finale energy, the track immortalises the idea of an estranged society unwittingly heading down on the same road to nowhere: “Lost in the crowd/I keep my ear to the ground”.  

As a whole, this EP feels more fleshed out than their last and has given the alt-rock three-piece the tools to command even more eagerly awaiting audiences.

Following cancelled slots at 2000 Trees and Boardmasters in 2020 due to the pandemic, Krooked Tongue is set to perform at Lechlade and Burn It Down Festival this summer. 

Maebh Springbett


Image: ‘Deathproof’ Official EP Cover

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