Monday, April 10, 2023

Tyler the Creator surprises the fans with ‘Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale’

Looking back at Tyler the Creator’s works he has been putting out since 2009, his growth as an artist is the most impressive feature in the rapper’s career. Since his critically-acclaimed album ‘Flower Boy’, Tyler’s consistency in making incredible albums continues.

Call Me If You Get Lost’ was also one of his best works yet and now the rapper is back with additional eight tracks.

The deluxe album starts with a brief interlude track ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’, where Tyler appreciates the support from his fans on a calming instrumental. In the second track ‘STUNTMAN’ with Vince Staples, Tyler goes with an energetic trap beat and both Vince and Tyler’s vocals suit perfectly to the production. Their chemistry also does not disappoint as the song comes out as a banger track. 

WHAT A DAY’ is a soulful, drumless track produced by the legendary Madlib. This heavenly track proves how Tyler can change his classic style and still make an amazing track.  A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator reunite for the next track ‘WHARF TALK’ and talk about getting lost with a loved one as they sing: “Bring some fiction and a nightlight / Record player and your top five / Where we goin'? We should get lost / No more questions, let the wharf talk”.

In the Kanye West-produced track ‘HEAVEN TO ME’, Tyler raps about how his life resembles heaven to him. The rapper also mentions his 2007 collective Odd Future as he says: “Bastard wasn't finished, I was formin' up a team / I didn't have much, but for certain, I had a dream”.

BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND’ is an unreleased track from 2020, featuring Compton rapper YG. Tyler’s 2017 classic ‘Flower Boy’ influence can be seen in this fascinating track as it has similarities in Tyler’s chill vocals, lo-fi production and overall vibe.

The last song ‘SORRY NOT SORRY’ is a track full of regrets. Tyler apologizes to his lover, fans, ancestors, and the world as he feels ashamed to hurt all of them and for not trying his best. Not only his lyrical abilities but his flow also amazes throughout this sentimental piece and the rapper creates a perfect closure for the album. By closing the track with the lyrics: “ I guarantee another era is upon us / So once again, we gone,” DJ Drama and Tyler the Creator hint at another collaboration album to the fans. 

While it seems like the rapper is preparing for a new chapter, with Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale’, Tyler keeps his fans satisfied until his new work. 


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                                                                Image: ‘Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale’ Official Album Cover 

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