Sunday, April 09, 2023

Django Django and Yuuko Sings push their creative direction in ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’.

Ahead of the release of their upcoming fifth studio album Django Django have been releasing a collection of collaborations – the most recent edition being Japanese artist Yuuko Sings on ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ 

The progressive club track playfully toes the line between industrial and psychedelic with a blend of masterfully woven choppy synth riffs and contemporary electronic elements. 

The resulting track has a groovy melody that acts as a hypotonic backdrop for the vocals whilst also standing alone in the moments of instrumentation. 

These production flavours mix well with the Yuuko Sings feature, her robotic delivery aids the overall style of the song. Lyrics “And when I hear a song that makes me smile / do do do don’t touch that dial” work well with the emphasis and repetition to drive home the impact of the title line. In whole, the track glides together with a metallic twang that is somehow rooted in nostalgia whilst sounding progressive.  

The video for the song is an abstract visual accompaniment that perfectly aligns with the oddball mixture of audible moments. There is a retro nature to the design elements, made up of low-quality graphics, overlapping filters, and glitches place the video in the era of the late ‘90s and as technology, as we know it today was beginning to develop.   

Whilst the imagery puts aesthetics first, it is still an engaging watch with an amalgamation of quick cuts that visually stimulate whilst working with the content. Another prominent motif is the continued use of Yuuko Sings, with her face being contorted with graphic editing -shifting with inverted colours layers and vibrant mixes. It pulls the eye in, crafted in a way to intrigue, feeling out of reach, a perfect companion to the track itself.  

Django Django continue to take risks and push the boundaries; their creative direction is current but doesn’t follow trends. They are clearly pioneers of their genre and aren’t ones to shy away from experimentation. Whether listening in for the song or watching along for the visuals this release will keep you entertained.  


Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ Official Single Cover


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