Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Stutterboy Release A New Single ‘False Dam’

The rising Brooklyn-based indie Rock band Stutterboy has delivered their latest single titled ‘False Dam’. 

The members include Miles Grossenbacher who provides keys and vocals, Alex Byers plays the bass, Jimmy Petrich on drums, and Grover Doyle is the frontman leading the quartet. 

This track has been released on the back of other successful singles such as ‘Crossing Over’ and ‘When You Call Me’. Their music is garnering support because they are largely unafraid to tackle ongoing societal issues in their hometown and beyond.

The band’s alternative sound is reminiscent of what was one of the most glorious eras of rock music with the emergence of ‘80s and ‘90s bands including MuseFoo FightersPixies, and many more. The tune begins with the kick and snare from the drums before the instruments head straight into the meat and bones of the piece. The use of the Wah pedal offers more imagination and distortion to a tune pushing musical boundaries while simultaneously revisiting an iconic period of popular music.  

The dynamics largely remain the same throughout the single whereas the lyrics are often inaudible as they almost drown and fade into the background from start to finish. If anything, this subsequently adds more effect to the charm, style, and prowess that the music offers. Toward the end of the track, the guitar offers licks and embellishment before fading into the mist as the music suddenly comes to a halt.  

With their second LP release set for May 2023, the band will be eager to continue to push boundaries and they are already being well-received, not only across the pond but also here in the UK and beyond.  

Antony Bailey


 Image: 'False Dam' Official Single Cover

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