Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Lemon Twigs continue their flirtation with 60s pop with ‘Every Day Is The Worst Day Of My Life’

The Lemon Twigs, consisting of New York-based brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, tease more of their much-awaited album ‘Everything Harmony’ with their delicate new single ‘Every Day Is The Worse Day Of My Life’.

Kicking the track off with some gorgeous acoustic guitar strumming – which oozes a certain ‘60s charm – the vocals sore in seemingly from the abyss. With a melody that would be at home in The Beach Boys back catalogue, the contrast between it and the melancholic repetitive lyrics is the first thing listeners will notice. 

The haunting repetition of “every day is the worst day of my life” is the core of the track, and demonstrates the desperation of the singer. They sound trapped in a continuous loop of misery, with no escape in sight. The song is unquestionably miserable in tone, yet, the aforementioned contrast between its haunting lyrics and simple melody firmly grasps the listener’s attention. 

Instantly, the damning loop of these nine words find a nook in the psyche of the listener, and as the song progress the words begin to feel like an echo of the songwriter’s despair – as if this realisation is nothing new to them. But ultimately the song is a reminder of The Lemon Twigs’ ever-growing talent.

Alongside The Lemon Twigs’ recent singles ‘In My Head’ and ‘Corner Of My Eye’‘Every Day Is The Worse Day Of My Life’ confirms that their forthcoming album, ‘Everything Harmony’, could well be their best yet.


Charley Passmore


Image: ‘Everything Harmony’ Official Album Cover


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