Saturday, April 29, 2023

North Wales’ The Royston Club keep anticipation simmering with coming-of-age single ‘Cerophobe’

Indie stars in the making The Royston Club have amped up the anticipation for their debut album with ‘Cerophobe’ – a slow-burning single that demonstrates the band’s versatility. 

A subdued acoustic guitar sets the tone before lead singer Tom delicately adds to the soon-coming misery. But the peace is soon broken as BenDave and Sam join the party, with their familiar well-rounded sound 

Cherophobia, an aversion or fear of happiness, runs deep throughout the progressive head-bobber, with the lyrics drawing on interesting themes. Throughout Tom’s accusing someone of not trying hard enough and fuelling an unfounded argument: “Hold us up in your hands / Then clench your fist and start another war”. 

It’s obvious the band have knuckled down and come-of-age over the last year. The Royston Club have truly taken it up a notch with the production of their latest tunes – their arrangements, guitar tones and vocals have never sounded so ready to take venues by storm. 

Alongside Cherophobe’The Royston Club’s recent releases, ‘Shallow Tragedy´ and ‘Blisters’, puts their debut album ‘Shaking Hips and Crashing Cars’ in pole position to be the soundtrack of the summer. 


Charley Passmore 


 Image: ‘Shaking Hips and Crashing Cars’ Official Album Cover

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