Monday, May 01, 2023

Vistas hit back with upbeat new single ‘Last Together’

Scottish indie band Vistas burst onto the scene in 2018, with the release of their debut single ‘Calm’. Since that release they have gone from strength to strength, with their first album dropping in May of 2020. Boasting over half a million monthly listeners, the three-piece band’s latest single ‘Last Together’ is fast paced, well mixed and extremely catchy.

Lyrically this song seems to be for the slight outcast, who seems to blend into the background, with lead singer Prentice Robertson singing: “Somehow you feel like an extra / The background is what represents ya / Fading with each passing moment / Cause a scene, not like they would notice”.

This doesn’t seem to be a negative however, as Prentice seems to be happy to be ‘Last Forever’ and suggests that shirking off the spotlight may be something to embrace and enjoy.

Sonically, the listener’s ears are filled with 2000’s-esque rhythm guitar, sweet lead guitar and marching synths. This is a solid indie-rock track, with a brilliant anthemic chorus and winding bridge. The mix is full of little twists and turns, with some small elements only being picked up on after the first few listens. This is one cut that will definitely make it onto a lot of people’s summer indie playlists for 2023.

Image: ‘Last Together’ Official Single Cover

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