Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Ghost Party Burst Onto The Scene With Debut Single ‘Severed Hands’

The Ghost Party have released their debut single ‘Severed Hands’, a track that has all the haziness of psychedelic rock and the rough-around-the-edges style of Garage creating one epic single. 

From Houston, Texas The Ghost Party are a three-piece band led by McCullough Ferguson.

‘Severed Hands’, despite being their first single, is a strong insight into what they are able to create, using contemporary means to create a revivalist vision.

This is shown in the very opening with a distinct and simple guitar strum, somewhat jangled and hazed. Instantly giving ‘Severed Hands’ a reminiscent feeling of Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’ with hints of the iconic ‘Dark Side Of The Moon.’

Alongside a more pop-based bass guitar that screams all the positivity of Paul McCartney post-Beatles, a fuzzy garage-like drum ties this perfectly together making way for an incredibly catchy tune.

The instrumentals progress throughout ‘Severed Hands’ taking the limelight, building up and becoming more dazed and groovy with an added piano. It feels as though it is straight from the 1970s and each instrumental break is welcome and endearing to listen to. 

The moments with Ferguson’s vocals keep the listener in anticipation. His soft, effortless, and dreamy range perfectly complement the poetic and sophisticated lyrics from the very moment he starts to sing the lyrics “Severed hands they come to me, they show me what they want me to see”. There is no doubt that Ferguson performs his words, feeling them and as a result, makes the listener feel them also.  

The Ghost Party may be new on the scene but what they have created is an epic track that goes from strength to strength. Full of psychedelics, a jangle of pop and an ever-so-slight coarseness of garage make way for an incredible debut. ‘Severed Hands’ is a playlist must.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Severed Hands’ Single Cover

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