Thursday, April 06, 2023

Psychedelic Collective The Shrubs Unveil Their Latest Offering ‘Brilliance’

The Texan psychedelic rock quartet The Shrubs have been rather busy lately writing and recording new material. 

Their latest track ‘Brilliance’ doesn’t disappoint as the song typifies their immersive mind-altering sound that continues to be experimented with and developed by the group. 

The members include Laura, Miguel, Josh, and Sofie, and they formed back in 2021. They are currently working on a debut album that is set to be released by the beginning of 2024. 

The song begins softly with the synth. The gentle immersion of sound directly into the listeners’ ears is meditative and the music continues to be absorbed by the audience when the lyrics enter the frame. The line ‘’It’s like we’re starting over’’ is a repeated refrain in the chorus that offers a hint of optimism and opens the doors to an entire realm of opportunities and possibilities. The reverb on the vocals creates much more of an eery effect and this enables this captures the audience’s attention immediately.  

Instrumentally, the music doesn’t hold back as it explores new horizons and revisits sounds of the sixties and seventies, which is when psychedelia was at the peak of its musical powers. The drums gradually become slightly more intense with the implementation of a few more fills to tie the transitions together but the music largely remains subtle enough to not disturb the listener in their meditative state.  

Ranging over four minutes in length, the music fades out into the mist and offers a sense of optimism that better things are to come. The music pushes and transcends musical boundaries whilst offering a sense of empowerment and comfort that better chapters are coming. There haven’t been any announcements yet as to if and when the band will embark on a tour, but fans can follow their social media pages for regular updates.  

Antony Bailey  


Image: 'Brilliance' Official Single Cover

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