Thursday, April 27, 2023

STONE bring their apocalyptic UK tour to Nottingham

Merseyside band STONE gave Nottingham gig goers a night full of pure scouse punk and left no one disappointed. 

The Liverpudlian quartet rose to fame following their stint supporting artists such as Sam Fender and Yungblud on tour in previous years, and they now have over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

The alternative rockers released their outstanding debut EP ‘punkadonk’ earlier this year and have since been bringing out punk bops to add to their already impressive collection of records. Hearing those bruisy tracks played live is truly awe-inspiring. 

Before STONE arrived onstage, the room was in darkness. A stirring red light appeared with alarming siren noises, adding an eerie atmosphere to the venue. STONE arrived on stage full of energy and excitement for their first ever headline show in Nottingham. Their setlist was thoroughly curated, with frontman Fin Power screaming, “Let’s go,” to blend into their opening number ‘I Let Go’. The band’s fire spread to the crowd as the mosh pits opened straight away.  

The lively Friday night gig really kicked off during the third track on the setlist, which was one of the highlights of the whole gig. The band’s latest single ‘Left Right Forward’, filled with catchy choruses and dance moves to match, gave the audience a boost of adrenaline and the enthusiasm in the room was unmatched. Power owned the stage and the room as he moved “left, right, forward” and bought it back. 

STONE shared 2 new songs with fans, which showcase the unique and recognisable vocals from Power, as well as the impeccable bass from Sarah Surrage. Their musical talents were showcased later in the gig, just before the band disappeared for their encore. Each member slowly exited the stage with a solo piece on their instrument. Power left first with a dramatic ending to the track ‘Waste’, followed by guitarist Elliot Gill, who has been best friends with Power since they were 16. Bassist Surrage finished her piece with an almighty explosion of bass bliss before the powerful beats of Alex Smith’s immaculate drumming closed the song. Every member of STONE has their own unique sound and style of playing, and they somehow blend flawlessly.   

Before the track ‘Save Yourself’, frontman Power explained that this track is about the feeling of being lost and going through a period of grief. The solemn acoustics of the venue created an intimate and special moment where fans could listen deeply to his story. Another heart-wrenching moment was Power’s speech about the different struggles in society nowadays, which resonated with fans as they chanted, “Fuck the Tories,” to the band’s delight.  

After 8 years of hardship trying to form a perfectly sound and grounded band, STONE have accomplished what they set out to do and are on their way to even bigger and better things in the post-punk music scene. The gig was polished to perfection, and you could see the hard work they put in to giving fans a gig full of heavy, relatable and punk sounds of STONE.   

Alice Mason 

Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: STONE at Metronome, Nottingham, 21/04/2023 by Alice Mason

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