Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Sherlocks’ dynamic new single demonstrates just how important individual dreams are to society

Originating from South Yorkshire, The Sherlocks have four members, two being brothers, and have been demonstrating their great talents since 2015. Having played at Reading and Leeds festival and supporting The Libertines on tour, the band have a huge following of devoted listeners.

To add to their collection of singles, they have recently released ‘Don’t Let it Out’ - a track encompassing the popular ideas of wanting more from life, and seeking out what you truly desire to experience. 

Their new creation begins with a hazy undertone, a musically limbic state between acoustic and heavy instrumental. It allows listeners to experience a state mirroring that which occurs as a young adult, when the world and society want one thing from you but your heart wants another. The music then becomes far more upbeat, joyous, and strong with progression; the lyrics of “Get a job, go to work / Then you’ll find out what you’re worth” act as this gateway between the soft and hard melodies. These words speak volumes to younger listeners as they encompass this balance between head and heart, knowing what is expected against what is desired. 

The passion within the band not only lies in the vocal passion of the lyrics but also in the great levels of talent of the instruments. Each one is played in perfect connection with another, using a gradual shift from delicate to intense throughout the course of the song. This idea alone allows it to stand out from others within the genre of indie-rock as listeners are given a variety of emotions over the four minutes.

Overall, the single is intense. It allows listeners a place to find comfort and company in wanting more from life than a socially-expected job or way of life. We’re all allowed to have our own hopes for the future and dreams to follow- the band encourages the perusal of these from each individual fan alike.

Abby Price 


Image: 'Don’t Let It Out’ Official Single Cover

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