Friday, April 28, 2023

Gengahr Release Dream Pop Bop ‘In The Moment’

London four-piece Gengahr, most well known for records such as ‘Heavenly Maybe’, make a stunning return to the psychedelic indie music scene with new hazy tune ‘In The Moment’. 

Having announced the June release of fourth album ‘Red Sun Titans’, Gengahr listeners are eager for more of their dreamy sounds following the drop of this single and the preceding ‘A Ladder’ from the upcoming record. 

The track opens by juxtaposing synths and deep bass, giving the sound some suspense before progressing into a perfectly produced and thought out single. The noticeable voice of Felix Bushe soon takes over as his calm yet powerful vocals collide with a range of instruments playing alongside.  

The five-minute song is a masterpiece, full of beautifully earthy sounds as well as exceptional sentiments. Throughout the chorus, inspirational lines such as ‘‘I just want to live / In the moment’’ feel like a grounding reminder to the listener to live through that mantra.  

This track feels like a misty summer’s day in spring fields with flowers - a common feeling for listeners upon hearing any Gengahr track. This is a prime example of how Gengahr have perfected their sound and know how to produce a track that is distinctly them. 

Gengahr’s upcoming album ‘Red Sun Titans’ will be released on June 9th, before the quartet embark on a UK tour this September and October. 

Alice Mason

Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: 'In The Moment' Official Single Cover

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