Saturday, April 29, 2023

Joe Bygraves Is At His Anthemic Best On Latest Single ‘Someone Else’

When Covid hit in the early spring of 2020, everyone’s life changed. Many were forced to work or study from home, and those that couldn’t were hailed as key workers keeping everything together. 

Yet, for some people, neither outcome was applicable and they were forced to struggle and grind for some limited government support. It could be argued that no sector of the economy suffered this fate worse than the music industry.  

It's with this backdrop that Joe Bygraves performed the track ‘Stand As One’ for the #WeMake Events movement, an organisation that was created during the pandemic to support all those affected by the sudden closing of music venues and the banning of concerts. It’s an inspiring tale of a musician struggling, using his immense skills as a songwriter to try and do good, and those skills once again come to light on the Bedfordshire native's latest single ‘Someone Else’. 

An anthemic intro deluges the listener in soaring vocals, pounding drums and slick guitar riffs as the track is quick to impress. It reminds you immediately of 30 Seconds To Mars as Bygraves’ impressive vocal performance easily matches that of Jared Leto as his amplified voice sings “Find me someone else to fall in love with” on the song’s catchy chorus.  

It’s not just the superb musicianship that impresses on the track, however, as the singer uses his knack for witty yet emotive lyrics to keep the track feeling light-hearted where lyrics such as “You were like a drug and I overdosed” come across as both playful yet simultaneously heart-wrenching.  

Someone Else’ eventually builds into a crescendo, but not before Bygraves is able to show us more of his skillset through breakdowns and distorted vocals. It makes for an interesting listen, and one that shows the singer to be a lot more than a one-trick pony. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Someone Else’ Official Single Cover 

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