Saturday, April 08, 2023

Navy Blue, The Truest Mesmerizes With New Album ‘Ways Of Knowing’

One of Brooklyn’s most talented rappers Sage Elsesser a.k.a. Navy Blue has shared his latest work with fans. Over the years, the artist - who also models, produces, and skates - has proved his musical skills with critically acclaimed albums such as ‘Àdá Irin’, ‘Song Of Sage: Post Panic!’, and ‘Navy’s Reprise’, and yet again he does not miss. 

Navy Blue starts the album with the magical ‘The Medium’. Over this majestic drumless instrumental, the rapper admits that learning patience was good for him: “Learned patience 'cause it makes sense / Spent days on the couch type senseless”.

On second song and first single ‘Chosen’, the album’s producer Budgie opts for a more jazzy, abstract production. Navy Blue gives a shout out to legendary rapper Yasiin Bey who mentioned him as one of his latest favourite rappers in an interview. 

The One’ centres around the theme of true love, as Navy Blue beautifully talks about a special person in his life: “I learn to listen to her, from her, ‘til I'm in the dirt / I wear the love I got for her”.

With the fourth song ‘To Fall In Love’, the record takes a break from the calm production and goes for a more reggae-influenced instrumental. The rapper again gives the fans a love song and talks about his regret of losing a significant other. Navy Blue summarises the topic with this lovely line as he says: “Everyday I miss the way that you would send me to the moon / The way you kiss my face, the way you clear up all my gloom”. On ‘Phases’, Budgie approaches with a more soulful production and the high-pitched vocals gives a 2000’s hip-hop vibe. Navy Blue’s soft vocals and chill rapping complete the song perfectly. 

For the tenth song ‘Embers’ Navy Blue and talented singer/songwriter Liv.e deliver an emotional track. The lyrics, especially the line “I miss my Mama, Grandma and Pa so much / I see 'em in my dreams every single night,” are enough to give listeners the chills. 

Look In My Eyes’ is a story-like song where Navy Blue tells us about his childhood and relationship with his brother and the pain he has been through because of him, whereas the album’s outro ‘Shadow’s Shield’ starts with a touching voice message from Sage’s mother saying how grateful she is for his son. On a moving and tender track from the start, Budgie again creates a smooth drumless instrumental and Navy Blue’s use of words while expressing liabilities he feels he has towards his family give this song a heavy and sentimental aura. Just as he started the song with positive affirmations from his mother, Navy Blue closes the track with another wholesome voice message from his dad.

Overall, ‘Ways Of Knowing’ with Navy Blue’s clean flow and vocals, emotional lyricism and Budgie’s incredible and sensual drumless production comes out as a luscious and cosy masterpiece. Yet again, Sage proves how he is capable of expressing his words in the best way possible.


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                                                                                                                         Image: ‘Ways of Knowing’  Official Album Cover 

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