Friday, April 07, 2023

Radio & Science Fiction: Ubiquity Machine Release ‘Radio’

In a post-genre world, Ubiquity Machine are a band that are influenced by everything and anything but self-describes their go-to genre as alternative/indie.

Their latest single ‘Radio’ perfectly balances both, blending together influences from the '90s to modern day. Thus making way for a coherent, modern sound.

Ubiquity Machine is an American band residing in Washington, DC. Consisting of members Dan March and Howard Rabach. The pair are highly experienced, multi-instrumentalists, producers and songwriters.

Ubiquity Machine started out by making music for themselves but discovered that friends-of-friends were listening to their music when they were not around, propelling them forward to continue to create versatile and exciting music. 

‘Radio’ is about life in the modern world, dreary and repetitive. Opening with a female voice stating “I’m sick and tired of you spending every hour, every night reading science fiction garbage”. Her voice is stern and mimics an old-school radio announcement, perfectly capturing the attention of listeners and the theme of the track. 

Going straight into a heavy, halted strumming of an acoustic guitar, throughout it feels as though there is a halt, sounding like maracas. Toe-tapping, it is gripping to listen to. The voice of the woman repeats as if the radio system is glitching. This post-modern style is then complimented by a heavy drum beat alongside melodramatic vocals that are almost familiar to Gorillaz

The instrumentals are consistent throughout, the acoustic guitar is soon replaced with an electric one, creating a dynamic shift in rhythm. The vocals are baritone, there is a slight effect to it that feels synthetic and paired with the lyrics “you better do what the radio tells you” it perfectly ties the themes together. 

‘Radio’ is a clever, riveting track that blends together theatrical and relaxed elements. Showing stride throughout, Ubiquity Radio know how to play into their strengths creating catchy melodies that are driven by sheer emotion.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Radio’ Official Single Cover

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