Thursday, March 30, 2023

Upcoming Singer-Songwriter Psykhi Releases Uplifting Single ‘Dry’

The increasingly popular Ghanaian artist Psykhi has released his latest single titled ‘Dry’

His brand-new tune arrives after a string of singles released recently, such as ‘White Picket Fence’, ‘Don’t Disappear’ and ‘Sitting On Ice’

Psykhi’s music combines elements of rock, rap, gospel, and Ghanaian music to create something unique, powerful, and a breath of fresh air for indie scenes around the world. 

This track also includes a music video that depicts Psykhi standing motionless by the sea as he stares into the camera while the lyrics run along the bottom of the video.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar and a Wah pedal to create a warm and fuzzy effect. Then, Psykhi uses reverbed vocals and adds more emphasis on the first of his reflective and carefully crafted lines of poetry such as ‘’I build myself through a prism of imagination / The world won’t let me be, good riddance’’. The lyrics point toward a sense of escapism and a brief diversion from the harsh realities of the real world.  

The drums eventually enter the frame with a powerful fill to lead the tune into the chorus and the lyrics ‘’For me the waters ran dry / I’ll be my wishing well’’ will certainly resonate with the audience as It suggests a lack of faith in the world due to the current state of affairs. The drums, bass, and guitar push the tune until it reaches its peak dynamically toward the outro until it suddenly halts, and the audience is left with a wall of silence. 

The music is uplifting and ultimately offers a moment of escapism by giving the audience a chance to reflect on the past and look ahead toward the future. Pskhi’s music continues to have resonance with his expanding audience and it is likely to continue growing with his recent releases.  


Antony Bailey


 Image: 'Dry' Official Single Cover

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