Thursday, March 30, 2023

Giack Bazz Tells the Honest Truth in ‘Through With Sick and Sacred Stuff’

With a get-up-and-go attitude, Giack Bazz uses his music to explore hard-hitting themes, often criticising elements of society and discussing mental health through passionate songwriting. This is no different with the latest EP ‘Through with Sick and Sacred Stuff’.

Based in London, Giack Bazz is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, often taking the listener on a tour inside of his mind. His first album ‘Childhood Dream’ was financed by crowdfunding, kickstarting his career in music and paving the way for future releases, including this one.  

The EP opens with its titular track, ‘Through With Sick and Sacred Stuff'. Giack Bazz’s isolated vocals instantly captures the listener’s attention and pose the question “Isn’t it a bit ironic?”. These simple, yet memorable lyrics are striking and start a thought process, clambering into his mind, thinking from his point of view. Continuing, his lyrics are met with a slight beat, and it is during these brief pauses that a subdued piano can be heard. The instrumentals then build up and into full force and are somewhat orchestral. There is a heavy influence that steps into the great Paul McCartney, a combination of The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ era and McCartney’s solo ventures. Giack Bazz’s vocals mimic these stylings and are. soft, somewhat monotone, showing elements of lo-fi and pick up as the track progresses making way for an epic journey through vivid imagery and tapping into personal experiences.  

The second track ‘2020 (A Retrospective)’ sees Giack Bazz open with a guitar that feels vacant and eerie then fully kicking in with a toe-tapping drumbeat and change in tempo. It hones back in on life back in 2020, putting things into perspective by discussing lockdown and how we passed the time. The writing style gives a Bright Eyes feel, especially the track ‘We Are Nowhere and It’s Now’. Giack Bazz speaks his mind - the lyrics feel like a train of thought, mindless yet full of provoking sentiments, as shown through the lyrics “I’m doing exercise with my TV, having my five-a-day sometimes even six”.

Concluding with ‘Through With Sick and Sacred Stuff (Demo)’ is similar to the previous version of the track. It has all the captivating elements, and lyrics but with more of an upbeat, early-morning feel. It feels stripped back and a little bit rougher around the edges, but still polished.

Giack Bazz has created a versatile EP that is raw with emotion and perfectly conveys the inner workings of his mind through what can only be described as bedroom indie pop with a sprinkling of rock. Listeners are taken on a quest of the epic proportion with a pensive element to it. Lo-fi elements paired with orchestral moments make way for a confused but endearing listen.  


Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Through With Sick and Sacred Stuff’ Official EP Cover

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