Friday, March 31, 2023

Circa Waves passionately convey our future’s instability using their diverse and enchanting music talent in new EP

Indie rock band Circa Waves have recently released their new EP, and it encompasses all that we wonder about concerning the future.

Within the music industry, the English band have made a huge name for themselves, performing at national festivals alongside ones in Germany and even as far as Japan.

Consequently, they have accumulated an enormous fan base that develops alongside the band itself; their listeners grow in number as their records become more diverse and meaningful. It’s incredible to see the musicians produce more and more work, with their latest release being possibly the most profound of them all.

The EP consists of four creations:‘Never Going Under- Acoustic’, ‘Do You Wanna Talk- Acoustic’, ‘Your Ghost- Acoustic’ and ‘Carry You Home- Acoustic’ and was released in March of this year. The first begins with an upbeat guitar sound, a simple and repeated group of chords that creates a minimal yet atmospheric vibe. The track immediately sounds more intimate, it feels as though they are singing to each listener individually therefore emphasising the idea of our future as a race. Reportedly, the frontman has discussed the EP as discussing the unknown when it comes to how our world will look for the children of today’s youth, and this first track undeniably encapsulates this with its melodic and lyrical synergy.

The second and third songs open with a slower tempo, and possess an enhanced feeling of tragedy within such. The opening lyric of the second one ( “I hold on tight to something strong ‘cause I’m about to fall” ) allows for this melancholic element to seep through your headphones; it feels as though with each moment the song is played, another world tragedy occurs. The sense of being overwhelmed by the state of our planet is hugely impactful, with the sincerity of the vocals allowing listeners to feel this at their very core. A truly moving work of art. The third talks of how “Times are hard, Times are rough” at its heart, and therefore gives the impression of a darker future. Perhaps a darker future without those we love, and in a constant state of longing for them- our emotions are put to intense use here.

The final song stands out from the others as its tempo is immediately more upbeat, and the musicality enhanced in its complexity. The passion in this track is wonderfully exhibited, with the lyric “I’m supposed to be superman/ But I just cried into my hands” implying how toxic today’s society can be, with expectations that are often impossible to meet. Furthermore, the choral lyric I would die for you/ Just to try and carry you home” demonstrates the importance of love, togetherness and care in modern times, and how this does in fact have the power to change the world.

In conclusion, the EP is a roaring success. With such an intense and crucial message conveyed impeccably, the band really have exceeded even the highest expectations, and fans cannot wait for their next live performances.

Abby Price


Image: Circa Waves ‘Never Going Unplugged’ Official EP Cover

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