Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Overhead Bins create a new addition to their album, a single that invites the questioning of humanity itself

New York band The Overhead Bins have released their new single ‘Microphone’ as part of their new album ‘Telethon’, and it is blowing listeners away already.

Having fans and Spotify listeners worldwide, ranging from the UK to South America, the band are creating an inspirational name for themselves and growing in talent, fame and expertise at the speed of light. They released their first song ‘This Is Your Invite’ in 2020 and quickly gained a following; with their diverse and unique tone alongside the genius that lies in their lyrics, it is no wonder that the band are becoming more successful every day.

It begins with a slow-moving, almost eerie melody that draws us in immediately as listeners become increasingly eager for the doors of the song to be swung wide open. Gradually, instruments become more prominent- the drums can be heard as a grounding force accompanying the vocals and guitar sounds as the song progresses. This alone produces a spectral-like sound for the single, an idea that seems to carry itself wonderfully through most of the album and therefore creates a sense of unearthly talent in the band’s unique and recognisable style. 

The track comes to a close as the vocalist sings the lyrics “So just give it up // All is here is all the time // Before you rub it in”, an incredibly moving and powerful message about the shortness of life, complex relationships with other members of the human race and, ultimately, the perplexity of life itself. The lyrics lend themselves to the folk-type style the band possesses, with the underlying slow tempo providing a sense of stability in the chaos that the lyrics imply we as humanity face in life, an incredibly thoughtful and interesting concept from a band that will n doubt go far in the world of music. 

Overall, it is safe to say that this masterpiece of a record will be on all of our playlists this summer, and listeners cannot wait to be handed more and more of their music. 

Abby Price 


Image: The Overhead Bins ‘Telethon’ Official Album Cover


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