Saturday, March 18, 2023

Florence Pugh’s sultry vocals are the most welcome surprise in brother Toby Sebastian’s single ‘Midnight’

The Pugh siblings are a cohort of immense talent and the chilled duet from Florence and Toby (Sebastian) Pugh in ‘Midnight’ is an excellent testament to the talent they hold.

Florence Pugh is a name we’re all familiar with as the highly acclaimed actress from films such as ‘Little Women’ and A24’s ‘Midsommar’, rather than a female singer. Though, in the 2022 movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ where Pugh stars alongside Harry Styles is when fans began to realise, she had a soft, raspy voice that people wanted to hear more of. 

Not realising that back in 2021 Flo and her musician brother created ‘Midnight’. Fast forward to 2023 and we have finally been blessed with a music video, which also happens to be filmed at their family restaurant in Oxford.

While Flo and her voice are the most pleasant and welcomed addition to this track, her brother Toby is the star of the show. His smooth and rich vocals paired with the calm chords of his guitar are equal to your first-morning coffee. The fact that the whole collaboration features his sister on vocals, was filmed in their family restaurant and the whole cast and crew are made up of family and friends is the sweet additions we needed.

With the romantic premise of the song, an acoustic guitar and a tenor that sends chills down your spine, ‘Midnight’ is one of those tracks you can imagine your lover “Come on over and dance past midnight” to.


The music video for ‘Midnight’ is out now.


Georgia Eyles


Image: ‘Midnight’ Official Single Cover

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