Monday, March 20, 2023

American rockers Death Cab for Cutie bring their legendary indie sounds to Nottingham

Washington, USA band Death Cab for Cutie arrive in Nottingham with their ‘Asphalt Meadows’ tour performing newbies and oldies to please fans and gig-goers of all ages. Following the release of DCFC’s latest album ‘Asphalt Meadows’, the band have been touring their new music on their home turf of America before adventuring around Europe and now the UK. The 5 musicians well known for songs ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark’ and ‘Crooked Teeth’ gave Notts a show full of indie music goodness combined with energy, power and positivity.  

Death Cab for Cutie opened their first UK date of their tour with the opening track ‘I Don’t Know How to Survive’ from their most recent album and gig-goers were instantly invested and hooked to the aura DCFC bought to the stage. The energy and zealous atmosphere in the room was contagious and the band really knew how to get the crowd going.  

A magical part of the show was during their hit ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark’. As soon as that first note was played, the crowd instantly shouted with excitement for what’s to come. The tenderness and emotion of the song resonated with the gig-goers which made it a really personal few minutes. During the song, lead vocalist and guitarist Ben Gibbard explained to the crowd how he hates seeing other bands having the crowd sing for them, however, he loves doing it when he is onstage. He told the audience to sing 1 more chorus and he will sing the last one back, and boy they did not disappoint him. You could hear every voice from every person in Rock City shouting back the lyrics to him. And for hardcore fans, you could tell that a special memory has just been made.   

The most poignant thing about the show as a whole was the precision and detail that had gone into the show. The lighting matched the rhythms and the speed of their songs added so much depth to their already great gig. The sound was also crystal clear. The transparency of their music live was unbelievable, and it really felt like you had been placed inside their musical minds. The guitar solos from Ben Gibbard and Dave Depper were super impressive to hear live. The classic indie sound of fast and funky guitar riffs was really emphasised in their live sound. The vocals from Ben Gibbard were also perfect. The soft, soothing vocal with the beachy guitars, heavy drums and angelic piano sounds in a venue so renowned to host amazing bands like DCFC made it a really special gig.  

Death Cab for Cutie continue their UK tour throughout March.  

Alice Mason 

Instagram:  @alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: Death Cab for Cutie at Rock City, Nottingham – Alice Mason 

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