Friday, March 03, 2023

Teenage Dads Release Their Outstanding 3rd EP ‘Midnight Driving’

Australia’s Teenage Dads have released their long-awaited 3rd EP ‘Midnight Driving’, serving pure Aussie indie goodness. The four piece have become one of Australia’s most exciting and thriving bands in their indie music scene after the release of their debut album ‘Potpourri Lake’ in 2018. The bouncy energy from their guitar riffs and synths as well as the unique vocals from Jordan Finlay are evident in this impressive EP. 

The opening track ‘Midnight Driving’ is a perfect example of the Australian indie sound; catchy guitar riffs, psychedelic keys and hazy vocals. You really do feel like you are driving down a dark empty road listening to this song because of the perfectly produced beat of this track. 

It is obvious that ‘Hey, Diego!’ and ‘Teddy’ will be absolutely mind blowing live. The steadiness of the songs slowly changes, providing the listener with suspense of something big coming which is exactly what happens when the chorus hits. Teenage Dads have definitely made these records with fans in mind, so show them a good time in the mosh pits. The vocals in ‘Teddy’ are phenomenal. The change in pitch and pace with the speedy and shouty vocals remind me of Jamie T’s style but with an aussie twist. The lyrics ‘Teddy doesn’t live here anymore’ being shouted distantly really makes the listener feel like they are at a Teenage Dads gig shouting this back at the band from the pit. 

After the first three tracks, the EP takes a break from the solid guitar, bass and drums and produces a gentler, more sincere sound with track ‘3am’. This then blends in to ‘Exit Sign’ with a jazzier beat but still providing that slightly quieter noise and more emotional vocals. The changes in rhythm in this song is really contagious and you can't help but bop your head.  

The EP closes with a slower yet powerful tune ‘Goodbye, Goodbye Again’. The Western sound from the guitar is a highlight for me in this song. It really gives the song more definition and gives the chorus more of a boost the second time round. The emotion in the final word of the song ‘’Goodbye’’ is a perfect example of how well thought out this EP is. Ending a song with such a simple word gives the atmosphere an intimate feeling, like the band is only singing to you.  

This EP is a special release from the Australian indie dreamboats. You can hear every element of every track which forms the perfect Teenage Dads sound in 6 epic songs. 

Alice Mason

Instagram: @alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Midnight Driving’ Official EP Cover


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