Thursday, March 02, 2023

Galloping and Versatility: Charley Horse Release the Track ‘Ball Cap’

They may be relatively new to the scene but there is no doubt that Charley Horse is onto something in their newest single ‘Ball Cap.’

Based in Austin, Texas Charley Horse formed back in 2022 and features three guitarists, Lincoln Dunn, Doug Finch, and Glen Gomez alongside bass guitarist Jordan Garett and Kevin Cavanagh on drums. 

What is endearing about the formation of the band is that each member contributes to the singing and writing, each having their moment to shine, giving their sound a more personal feel.

‘Ball Cap’ is no exception, opening with a melodic, singular guitar riff that echoes and perfectly blends into the rolling drum beat that perfectly builds up and goes into an explosion of sound. The instrumentals are a concoction of indie rock meets power pop; think The Cure, capturing a perfectly atmospheric wash of effected guitars meeting somewhere in the middle with the vibrant and catchy lyrics of Bad Suns.

The lyrics themselves are a letter of sweet ramblings, oddly specific but meaning nothing in-particular. ‘Ball Cap’ is bursting with indie rock and power pop, with the vocal stylings add a hint of lo-fi. Laid-back and monotonous this juxtaposition perfectly crafts together the more upbeat instrumental.

Galloping with energy and oozing with versatility, Charley Horse knows their sound and don’t hold back. Creating an exciting, yet laid-back song, ‘Ball Cap’ showcases a wash of moods through chorused guitars offering a refreshing take on indie meets pop.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Ball Cap’ Official Single Cover

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