Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Vaccines guitarist Freddie Cowan delivers the ambient ‘Begin Again’

Freddie Cowan is best known for his role as the guitarist of The Vaccines, but his latest project led him to Mexico where he formed Freddie & The Scenarios with fellow musicians from Mexico City’s thriving music scene. 

The third single from the solo album ‘Begin Again’ could be described as a mixture of ambient yet sensual, suave, and subtle at the same time. The tune is just over six minutes in length and gradually builds toward a crescendo before the music fades and all that remains is a voice saying ''La tierra is mi cuerpo / Mi cuerpo es sagrado'' (The land is my body / My body is sacred/holy) among similar things.  

The music begins with a synth to set a soothing scene while Cowan sings the first line ‘’Help me understand / practice patience / then I won’t break arrangements to myself’’ which suggests he’s exploring themes of healing, revival, and rebirth. Other lyrics such as ‘’Help me accept my limitations whilst I patent my frustrations’’ reaffirms those thoughts. Musically, the record evolves to a dynamic shift with the inclusion of the drums provided by The Vaccines’ drummer, Pete Robertson.  

As the tune progresses, there are irresistible trumpet and guitar solos that remain until the outro. The brass section embellishes the composition overall with consistent stabs, as well as assisting the track in its transitions between sections. The ambiance combined with sensual solos and a wide range of instrumentation ultimately offers much more flavour and charisma to the overall piece.  

This latest release follows recent singles ‘Sonic Bloom’ and ‘Self Pity City’ which are part of the same project Cowan has been working on. Both the musical and lyrical themes work in tandem to offer a fusion of styles and cultures. The project ultimately breaks down barriers and encourages listeners to expand their pallets. It is not yet known what will be coming after the release of Cowan’s upcoming album, but fans keep up to date with the band’s plans. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Begin Again' Official Single Cover

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