Friday, March 17, 2023

Marlon Bianco Releases the Simply Complex Single ‘Planet Coronet’

Marlon Bianco is no stranger to releasing music that dabbles in different styles of music. Known for jazz-like grooves with the laid-back tendencies of lounge, his latest release ‘Planet Coronet’ sees Bianco take these two genres and propel them forward with a nod to alternative rock and psych to make way for a quaint yet satisfying track. 

Based in North London, Marlon Bianco is a producer and multi-instrumentalist and exists very much for now. Using his music as a platform to reflect humanity and the community around him with a lingering dark prediction of the future.  

‘Planet Coronet’ opens with a vacant, wind-like sound that fades into a jaded synth and the ominous repetition of a particular piano note that echoes, constructing a ghostly feel. This instrumental gradually builds up, and the tempo changes quite suddenly, going straight into a groovy bassline with the same eerie undertone lingering, blending to make an odd, contrasting harmony.  

Despite this, lounge has a strong influence; Marlon evokes feelings of tranquillity using a smooth style of synth and guitar picking. Though relatively upbeat, it brings forth a haziness that is quite hard to place. This is joined by portentous dialogue, mufflings that are hard to identify, taking influence from the later psychedelic work of The Beatles. The sweet ramblings play into Marlon Bianco’s ability to sprinkle in a menacing undertone within his music but still in keeping with the lounge stylings.

Marlon Bianco plays all instruments on ‘Planet Coronet’ except for the saxophone, which Jonny Chung performed. The combination of Bianco’s lo-fi and smooth instrumentals alongside Chung’s intense and passionate saxophone performance is hypnotic. It perfectly ties in the jazz influences, keeping the listener on the edge of each note.

Marlon Bianco continues to release hit after hit, which is even clearer in ‘Planet Coronet’ though there are no lyrics, the instrumentals are a simple yet complicated concoction showcasing Bianco’s ability to step outside the box and create a vastly different but familiar track.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Planet Coronet’ Official Single Cover

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