Friday, March 31, 2023

Dive into the ‘Afterlife’ with Temples’ latest single

Forming in Kettering in 2012, Temples have grown into a psychedelic rock-inspired band, most recently blessing us with their latest single ‘Afterlife’

Teasing the newest album, ‘Exotico’, due in April. Meanwhile, fans are fed a taste of what’s to come with this latest record, along with a brand new video to accompany the track.

Speaking on the song in a recent press release, guitarist and lead singer James Bagshaw talks about the songs true meaning and inspiration. “‘Afterlife’ reflects on long distance relationships and how love and isolation often can find themselves next to one another. You might feel lonely but you're never alone. Seeing a light in the distance gives you the hope to know you’ll meet again.”. 

Despite the somewhat melancholy lyrics, the music itself is vibrant and upbeat, holding onto their electronic and alternative sound.

The video runs alongside the music effortlessly, the depiction of the grey and moody beach really sets the tone for the song to fit into its gaps without one overshadowing the other. A physical storm intertwining itself with a mental one, leading off from the psychology of a relationship journey.

As well as this brand new hit, Temples have announced upcoming live shows commencing in London on April 1st. Could a world tour be next?


Anna Scrimgeour


Image: 'Exotico' Official Album Cover

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