Saturday, April 01, 2023

Experimental rap’s JPEGMafia and Danny Brown assemble for new album: ‘SCARING THE HOES’

Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA are without a doubt two of the hottest names in the experimental hip-hop music scene right now. 

They have a big audience who enjoy their work greatly; so when one of Detroit’s most unique rappers Danny Brown, who made critically acclaimed albums such as ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, ‘XXX’ and ‘uknowhatimsayin¿’, and JPEGMafia, who got an immense appreciation for his albums ‘Veteran’ and ‘All My Heroes Are Cornballs’, announced their collaboration album, fans were more than excited and thrilled.

Brown and JPEG open their album with ‘Lean Beef Patty’. The track starts with a sped-up sample and JPEG’s dynamic rapping. The futuristic sample prepares you for the energetic bass drop and JPEG gives an amazing verse while criticizing Kanye West and Elon Musk in a line saying: “Watch your energy, watch what you tweet / You can go from Elon to Ye in a week”. In the middle of the song, the track takes a break from the experimental instrumental and leads into Danny Brown’s maniacal and messy verse and this completes the song perfectly.  

In the third track ‘SCARING THE HOES’, also the second release, both Brown and JPEGMafia reflect the album’s theme. Since their music and experimental hip-hop became a genre that is seen as “hard to listen” on Twitter, the artists match their energy throughout the song and make fun of the situation. JPEGMafia who is the producer of the song uses an avant-garde jazz sample and with Brown’s unmatched voice, the track comes out majestically.

The sixth track ‘Burfict!’ instantly boosts your mind with its dirty production, grimy bars from both of the rappers and insane drums. The horns throughout the song and Danny Brown’s distinctive vocals makes this song a perfect alternative for upcoming concerts.

In the ninth track ‘Kingdom Hearts Keys’, we hear an angelic vocal sample loop and the production of this song gives you a break from the experimental sound of the album. The young rapper Redveil puts a fun verse at the end of the track and closes the song greatly.

Although in the next track, ‘God Loves You’, JPEG uses a gospel sample, the second drum starts and the song turns into an experimental hip-hop track. This release is one of the most impressive examples of how JPEG is beyond talented production wise.

The 12th cut, ‘Jack Harlow Combo Meal’, is another song with hyperactive drums on a chill sample, with the piano jazz creating a cool feel to the song. The only bad thing about this track is that it is only two minutes long.

Danny Brown and JPEGMafia’s highly-anticipated masterpiece ‘SCARING THE HOES’ does not disappoint and rappers give their fans a mind-blowing album. In every song, they prove how strong their chemistry together is and we hope that this album will not be their last collaboration as a duo.

Birgül Daş

                                                                                                                             @6irgul  @acc0rdion 


Image: ‘Scaring the Hoes' Official Album Cover 

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